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Who When Where Write up
Luke Jackson Trio 22nd October 2023 Fulford
Rodney Branigan & Joel Gardner 13th August 2023 Fulford
Blair Dunlop & James Williams 14th May 2023 Fulford
Jenny Colquitt & Joel Gardner 19th February 2023 Fulford
Luke Jackson & Christie Bratherton 23rd October 2022 Fulford
Songwriters' circle 21st August 2022 Fulford
Willy Porter & Paul Hawksworth 15th May 2022 Fulford
Rodney Branigan & Helen Walford 30th January 2022 Fulford
James Kirby & Paul Hawksworth 26th September 2021 Fulford
Luke Jackson & Wes Finch 8th August 2021 Fulford
Rodney Branigan & Shelly Quarmby 23rd February 2020 Tittensor
Pete Riley & Shamona 1st December 2019 Fulford
Willy Porter & Wes Finch 13th October 2019 Fulford
The Luke Jackson Duo & April Jai 4th August 2019 Fulford
Speak, Brother & Joe Dolman 12th May 2019 Fulford
Gary Edward Jones with Elfin Bow 24th February 2019 Tittensor
Honey Ryder with Megan Dixon Hood 2nd December 2018 Fulford
Luke Jackson & Willy Porter 14th October 2018 Fulford
Carter Sampson with Jesse Aycock and Lauren Barth 13th May 2018 Fulford
William the Conqueror & John Dhali 4th March 2018 Fulford
Luke Jackson with Ciaran Algar & Wes Finch 21st January 2018 Fulford
Christine Collister & Michael Fix 29th October 2017 Fulford
The Wes Finch Band with Sophia Marshall 10th September 2017 Tittensor
The Chris Bevington Organisation 15th July 2017 Fulford
Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson with John Dhali 7th May 2017 Fulford
Amy Wadge & Luke Jackson 22nd January 2017 Fulford
Dar Williams with Wes Finch 26th November 2016 Tittensor
Kelly Oliver and Shanade 2nd October 2016 Tittensor
Willy Porter 14th August 2016 Fulford
Luke Jackson Trio 22nd May 2016 Tittensor
Wildwood Kin & Speak, Brother 20th March 2016 Tittensor
Willy Porter 4th October 2015 Tittensor