A500 Music ......Bringing great live music to The Potteries

Rodney Branigan

& Shelly Quarmby

Tittensor Village Hall

Sunday 23rd February 2020

Rodney Branigan & Shelly Quarmby Returning to Tittensor Village Hall, where it all started for us, we were delighted to be opening our 2020 program by hosting two artists new to A500 Music, Shelly Quarmby and Texan guitar wizard Rodney Branigan.

Shelly is a local singer songwriter with a loyal fan base of her own and she opened the evening with a set of beautiful music providing the perfect opening to the evening's entertainment.

'Eh up me ducks' quipped Branigan as he took the stage. His Potteries accent may need some work but for sure, his stage craft doesn't and before the audience had got chance to settle, he had picked up two of his guitars and launched into one of his songs, 'Crash and Burn', playing both simultaneously.

This set the scene for an evening of fun and surprises. Rodney is most certainly one of the most unique and funny artists we've ever had the pleasure of hosting and his stories about his home town of Amarillo left us in no doubt that he knew the way there.

Playing for almost two hours, Branigan left Tittensor having made a huge impression on all of us who were there to see him that night.