A500 Music ......Bringing great live music to The Potteries

Christine Collister

& Michael Fix

Fulford Village Hall

Sunday 29th October 2017

It was another fantastic night of music at Fulford Village Hall, when Manx born folk, blues and jazz singer Christine Collister teamed up with renowned Australian guitarist Michael Fix.

Michael opened the evening's entertainment by delivering four instrumental numbers to showcase his tremendous versatility.

These included a unique version of Waltzing Mathilda, his percussive rendition of South African street music piece 'Makutswi', before closing his short solo set with a flawless performance of Bach's extremely challenging 'Toccata and Fugue in D minor'.
With this duo's credentials, it was hardly surprising that Sunday night's performance was absolutely outstanding and their on-stage musical chemistry was jaw-droppingly good.

Michael's guitar skills complemented Christine's superb vocals beautifully and as the evening progressed, the audience were treated to a diverse range of songs, from The Beatles, to Elbow and to their own songs, such as the powerfully emotive, 'Skin and Bones'.

My personal favourite was 'She's Leaving Home' and being a massive Beatles fan, I was nervous about a possibility of a disappointing interpretation of this classic song but from the opening bars, this emotional rendition was truly amazing.
During the interval, Michael and Christine happily signed CDs and talked to members of the audience with warmth and down to earth humour.

They say that time flies when you're enjoying yourself and this was certainly the case because the evening simply sped by and at the end of the performance, the audience clapped, cheered and stood in appreciation of a fantastic evening's musical entertainment.
Many thanks to Gwynneth Pickford for this review

Video material courtesy of David Barrs