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Songwriters' circle

Balsamo, Collins and Riley

Fulford Village Hall

Sunday 21st August 2022

So a few random thoughts reflecting on Sunday's gig.

We used to go to a lot of shows pre lockdown and then of course, the world stopped for a while and sadly some of those worst affected from an employment perspective were our musicians.

Post lockdown and a degree of "normality" ( whatever that is !) and shows start up again. Have been to quite a number since, the majority of them at larger venues...even managed to finally get Covid after one such gig (thanks Jane McDonald).

Nothing though, really EXCITED me, not until Sunday at least. To me, nothing can beat the sheer joy (madness) of driving 200+ miles to find a new venue, where you get the chance to see your favourite people play an intimate gig...the anticipation was electrifying.

The rumble and hum of anticipation pre-gig gave way to a simply magnificent 2 and a half hours (give or take) of entertainment from Steve, Andy and Pete - old favourites reworked, new favourites impeccably performed to an appreciative audience...one of those nights that you just didn't want to end.

To me, THIS is what music is all about...you can keep your big venues with acts going through the motions....BCR have a hunger and passion to perform and excel like few others.

Thanks guys for an amazing night, one of the best ever, and hopefully more to come !

​​Huw Knight - Devon