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Honey Ryder

with Megan Dixon-Hood

Fulford Village Hall

Sunday 2nd December 2018

There's a definite Tori Amos vibe going on with Megan Dixon-Hood, the solo artist opening for Honey Ryder. With just a curtain of blonde hair, a keyboard and a few candles to keep her company, she runs through a set characterised by soaring vocals and melancholic lyrics.

The singer is flushed from the excitement of working on a new EP that saw her recording a video for the song "Drown" (she later jokes about the water only being ankle-deep).

We're treated to a moving cover of Joni Mitchell's "Woodstock", which sets a few heads in the audience nodding, while more upbeat songs such as "St Lucia" prove there's light as well as shade in her repertoire. Dixon-Hood's ability to reach the high notes and her bittersweet melodies leave a lasting impression on this writer who will certainly be keeping a close eye on the future career of this singer.
Megan Dixon-Hood
Honey Ryder Currently working on their fourth album, headliners Honey Ryder are no strangers to Fulford Village Hall having played here several times before. Their upbeat brand of folk & country with a side-order of rock soon sets feet tapping and about three songs in, a voice in the audience pipes up, "we're converted" (in response to singer Lindsay O'Mahony earlier saying she hoped to win over some new fans).

Looking every inch the rock star, in a hot pink top and black leather trousers, the singer channels Stevie Nicks on "What if we've only got tonight?", while the rocky number "Surrender" is well received by a packed-out hall.
With Lindsay admitting it's much easier to pen sad songs than upbeat numbers, the band launches into the plaintive "Tears run dry", a track the singer wrote about how a friend coped with the loss of her mum. Devoid of drums and electric guitar, "Little feet" pays tender homage to the singer's two little boys.

They play two covers in their set, a stripped back version of "When doves cry", which allows guitarist Jason Huxley to show off his fingerpicking skills, before the band segue into the John Denver classic, "Annie's song" (which they've also released as a single) to much fanfare from the crowd.
Honey Ryder
Honey Ryder Then it's back to their original material, with the title track from "Marley's chains". an album which was recorded in Nashville and co-written by Lindsay and Emerson Hart, the frontman of multi-platinum-selling band Tonic.

Next up was "Worlds away", showing the band at their most sleek and polished, songs that you could imagine being played at the American Country Music Awards.

Their third album "Born in a bottle" again showcases their expert blend of folk, country and rock along with wistful number "If I ain't got you" a definite highlight.

With a clutch of such great tunes on display, A500 Music can't wait for the fourth album to be released... and hopefully, they'll return to Fulford again so we can hear their new material live.

Much gratitude to Helen Chan for submitting this review