A500 Music ......Bringing great live music to The Potteries

William the Conqueror

& John Dhali

Fulford Village Hall

Sunday 4th March 2018

This was always going to be a special show for us at A500 Music, as we had been trying to bring William the Conqueror to Stoke ever since Neil first heard one of their CD's playing in a shop in their home county of Cornwall. We had since managed to catch both the band and Ruarri Joseph playing solo a number of times, so we knew just what an impact they were going to make on the Fulford audience.

And as if this event wasn't already going to be a cracker, we were delighted to also be able to bring back local hero, John Dhali to kick off this incredible evening of live music.
Having previously opened for Willy Porter & Carmen Nickerson at Fulford, John Dhali already has his fans here, yet he soon made a whole lot more as the audience instantly warmed to his quirky, indie blues style and heart felt, self penned songs. So impressed were WtC's management in the weeks leading up to this gig that John was asked to support Ruarri the following evening, in an intimate acoustic show at Sir Henry Tudor house in Shrewsbury.

Dhali's opening 40 minute set seemed to race by and as testimony to his performance, the Fulford crowd all but stripped him of the CD's he had brought along to sell at the show.

With a solid collection of fine original material and a growing reputation, built on opening for some top artists (as well as performing at Glastonbury); Ruarri Joseph had a promising folk career ahead of him as a solo artist.

So, with a lucrative major label deal on the table it takes a certain kind of swagger to head off in a different musical direction and re-invent yourself, particularly when your chosen alter ego is William the Conqueror.

Along with Naomi Holmes (bass & vocals) and Harry Harding (percussion & vocals), WtC plough a more grunge infused furrow than we've exposed our audience to so far but everyone was eager and willing to jump on board for this particular journey.
WtC eased themselves into their set with 'Pedestals', a song which Ruarri describes as a warning to his kids that parents are not immune from making mistakes. Each song seemed to introduce a new theme or a new groove as the band played further tunes from their 2017 album 'Proud Disturber of the Peace' as well as newer material destined for their forthcoming CD.

It was hard to pick a stand out number, as everything the band played was so well received but by the time they launched into their rocker, 'Tend to the Thorns', some of the audience were already on their feet and dancing in the aisles.

They came, they soared and they conquered our hearts... We can't wait for them to come back again.